What are the delivery / shipping costs?
Delivery costs vary... UK delivery is between £2 and £15... International delivery is between £10 and £70; please see individual items for details.
When can I expect to receive my order?
Orders should usually be delivered to UK addresses within 5-7 working days. International orders may take up to 14 working days, depending on the country.
Can I collect my order in person?
Yes, this can be arranged by e-mail.
I like the artwork, but the colour isn’t quite right. Can this be changed?
In most cases, yes, the artwork can be created in a different colour. Please e-mail your request.
Do you offer custom artwork / commissions?
Happy to consider any commission requests. Please e-mail your requirements.
You can order a custom painting of your car direct through the website.
Who is the artwork by?
All artwork for sale on Art Garage is by Richard Yeomans. Find out more about Richard Yeomans here.
What inspires the artwork?
Journeys are the main theme for the artwork. Whether it be the places visited and passed along the way, or the transport used to undertake those journeys.
Are the stencils hand-cut or laser cut?
The stencils used are all cut by hand.
How long does it take to cut a stencil?
It depends on the size, how many layers are required and the complexity of the design. The car stencils usually comprise of 5 or 6 layers, which takes around 3-4 hours. My most complex stencil so far comprised of 12 layers and took in excess of 30 hours.
What do you use for the stencils?
 A sharp craft knife, some thick paper (although any paper/card works fine) and plenty of patience.
Did I find a Bert?
You may well have done… For the last 4 years, Bert has been wandering out on a Friday and waiting for someone to discover him.
What is Free Art Friday?
An art movement started by street artist, My Dog Sighs, which basically involves artists all over the world who go out on a Friday and leave their artwork for someone to stumble upon. Find out more here.

Are you on Facebook?
Yes...Art Garage on Facebook

Who is Bert?


Bert was created somewhere, at sometime... probably in a lab.

He has no mouth, and so, must communicate using his signs. This makes him a rather disgruntled little fella most of the time. But, despite this, he still has plenty of heart and loves to share his thoughts with you.

And, he is quite cute... but don't tell him that to his face!