YOUR CAR - Custom Car Painting on OSB


YOUR CAR - Custom Car Painting on OSB


Commissioned Stencilled spray painting on OSB (chipboard) by Richard Yeomans
Custom artwork of your car from your photo. These paintings make a great personal gift!

Size is approximately 20cm x 30cm, although each painting may vary slightly.
The OSB wood panel is 11mm thick.
They're not perfect, but that's why we love them!

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Your painting will be created using hand cut stencils, usually between 4 and 6 stencil layers per painting, which can take several hours to cut.
Due to the nature of spray paint, each painting is individual and original.
These wood paintings on OSB are always a talking point and will make a great addition for any art collection!

How long will it take to finish?

The aim will be to have your painting finished and posted within 2 weeks. At busy times (particularly Christmas), this may not be possible and it may take longer. If possible, it's best to order in plenty of time. If you're concerned that it may be too late to order, please e-mail to discuss the possibilities.

Why OSB?

Artwork using spray paint looks great on walls, but often they can look a bit flat when transferred onto canvas. The natural (well, man made!) texture of OSB really adds something to these paintings and gives them a great street look!

These paintings can be framed, hung unframed or just stood up on a shelf; however you choose to display your painting it'll look great!