Kill Bert Vol. 1 - 079 - Original Bert Art


Kill Bert Vol. 1 - 079 - Original Bert Art


All Bert's are individual one-off drawings on reused cardboard and are great for collecting!!

They are sent framed in a plain black 13cm x 18cm Ikea frame (Total size of the frame is 17cm x 22xm).

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How big are these drawings?

The photo shows the size of the artwork relative to the 13cm x 18cm frame.

Who is Bert?

Bert was created somewhere, at sometime... probably in a lab.

He has no mouth, and so, must communicate using his signs. This makes him a rather disgruntled little fella most of the time. But, despite this, he still has plenty of heart and loves to share his thoughts with you.

And, he is quite cute... but don't tell him that to his face!